IRATA rope access, scaffolding, rigging, trades and construction.


Innovative solutions for difficult access projects.


Our teams are chosen for each project based on industry experience and qualifications. Our rope access operators working in construction have rigging, scaffolding and trade certification as required, relevant construction skills and, most importantly, experience and competence.


Rope access, technical rigging and mechanical services.

Our rope access Riggers, Fitters and other trade personnel provide the access solution AND untertake the trade services saving our clients time and money.


Complex rigging, lifting and fitting operations can be performed safely and quickly in otherwise impossible locations, or where scaffolding would usually be required. Setting up and de-rigging of rope access equipment takes only minutes in most cases allowing the works to start quickly, and also allowing works to cease temporarily if necessary, without any disruption to other work parties, processes, plant or equipment.

Safety, Efficiency & Quality.

Our access and trade specialists use the most effective access and service solutions specific to your worksite, facility and service requirements. Safety is always our number one priority and is never jeopardized during operations thanks to our ingrained safety culture and the implementation of our unique Safety Management System.


All Areas Access teams are equipped with all the right tools, plant and equipment necessary for safe and successful completion of the task at hand.


  • Technical rigging

  • Painting and coating

  • Concerete rendering and repair

  • Cladding and glazing

  • Welding 

  • Mechanical fitting

  • Bolt change-outs, tensioning, torquing

  • Structural and access installation

  • Piping installation

  • Grit and pressure blasting

  • Surface preparation

  • Sealing and caulking

  • Secondary fixings

  • And more!