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IRATA Level 1

Entry Level. This is a rope access technician who is able to perform a specified range of rope access tasks under the supervision of a Level 3 rope access safety supervisor. No previous experience is required.


  • Candidates shall be at least 18 years of age at the start of the course.

  • Candidates should be physically fit and unaffected by any disability or medical condition that may prevent them from working safely. They shall ensure that they have an adequate level of fitness, are physically able to perform the tasks expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination, and are able to withstand the stresses of the working environment, such as heat, cold, and other inclement weather.

  • Candidates are required to provide a declaration that they do not have any known medical disabilities or contraindications that may prevent them from working safely.

  • If a candidate has a contra-indicated condition, he/she shall obtain a medical certificate before commencing any rope access activities.

  • Candidates should consider their experience carefully before attempting to progress to a higher level. Candidates without appropriate competence, adequate pre-assessment training and knowledge of the syllabus are unlikely to meet the requirements.

Additional Training.

Refresher training, revalidation & VOC programs are also available.

Cancellation Policy.

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AAA have earned the reputation as being industry’s preferred IRATA rope access training provider.
"One of the world's largest rope access facilities solely dedicated to IRATA training, VOCs, & demonstrations. The purpose-built structures at the training venue replicate scenarios which are found on oil rigs, mine sites and industrial workplaces."
The intensive five day IRATA rope access courses have at least two instructors teaching at all times to the highest industry standard whilst preparing candidates for the work-force.


The IRATA rope access training course provides the required skills and certification to be able to start work in the rope access industry, and is recognised world-wide.


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